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Bioscience Horizons is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing outstanding undergraduate and master’s research in the field of biosciences. 
The journal produces insightful and original opinion pieces and news articles that disseminate bioscience awareness to the general public and contribute to scientific progress. Our submissions come from all around the world.

Bioscience Horizons is a UCL project in association with UCLpress funded by the UCL Division of Biosciences.
The journal is managed by UCL students supervised by a board of academics from various leading UK universities.

Phytochemical screening and in vitro antimicrobial activities of Mimosa invisa Mart. leaves and stems

Henry C Chukwudi

11 Jun 2019

Firewood usage and indoor air pollution from traditional cooking fires in Gazi Bay, Kenya

Julia Jung

6 Feb 2019

The effect of rainfall upon the behaviour and use of under-road culverts in four amphibian species

Timothy Gleeson

28 Apr 2019

Biophysical screening in fragment-based drug design: a brief overview

Jacob Robson-Tull

6 Feb 2019

Illuminating the secrets of crystals: microcrystal electron diffraction in structural biology

Rob Barringer

6 Feb 2019

Manganese toxicity and effects on polarized hepatocytes

Luke Tillman

31 Jan 2019


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